The drinks to quench the summer thirst


thuc uong mua he - nha co hai nguoi

In the past, I had a small cafe called Yen – meaning “smoke”, which was also “peace” in
“peaceful” (binh yen) and “quiet” (lang yen). For me, I felt the most peaceful there when I stood in the bar playing with all kinds of ingredients to create a new drink. Thanks to that, my cafe often had new drinks in the menu.

The memory of Yen and my youth days with the people I love is a rich and deep memory. After transferring the restaurant to the new owners, sometimes I still cried because I missed it. The thing that reminded me the most was the feeling of freedom of swaying in the bar, a cocktail in my hand after a long day.

I stopped the bar business for a long time, my house is currently a bit small so there is no space for a bar, but I still have my own way of playing there. Delicious drinks are born to quench the thirst, especially in the hot summer days like this, aren’t they?

Here are some recipe suggestions for you! 7 beverages for 7 days in a week. Only the first drink “cucumber lemon mint” can be used instead of water everyday.

CUCUMBER LEMON MINT: A refreshing drink with the sweet taste from cucumber, the sourness from lemon, and the cool taste from mint leaves. It can be used instead of filtered water for drinking on hot days. In addition to the heat-relieving function, this beverage helps you relieve stress, reduce headache and bloating, support to lose weight and enhance the body’s resistance.

− 1 cucumber

− 1.5 lemons

− 1 fist of mint leaves

− 1.5l water.

MONDAY – HONEY LEMON:  This is a refreshing, detoxing, diuretic drink that aids digestion, boosts the immune system and helps the skin be smooth and helps the breathe fresh. This drink is very suitable to use every morning to help you start a new day full of energy.

– 1/2 lemon

– 10 teaspoons of honey

– 130ml of warm water.

TUESDAY – GREEN TEA LASSI: Lassi is a smoothie based on yogurt, which stimulates the digestive system. The sweetness of bananas and the aroma of green tea powder give you a very refreshing feeling. You can use it after dinner instead of desserts. You can replace bananas with other fruits of your choice – the fruits with thick flesh, and neutral flavors that don’t overwhelm the taste of green tea, for example. melon, melon, apple, pear, coconut, etc.

– 1 ripe banana

– 1 box of sugary yogurt (100ml)

– 30ml of sugary fresh milk

– 50g of condensed milk

– 1 teaspoon of green tea powder

− 200g of ice cubes.

You can watch the video below for the instruction!

3 món nước thanh nhiệt ngon, rẻ cho ngày nóng

WEDNESDAY – MANGO PASSIONFRUIT SMOOTHIE:  1 sweet ripe mango mixed with 1 passion fruit, 1 tbsp of lemon juice, add some ice cubes, then pour into a glass and then sprinkle on top 1/2 passionfruit (keep the seeds) and place in the center of a glass a small rosemary branch. If you like fatness, you can add fresh milk, whipping cream, or 1 vanilla ice cream and blend together!

– 1 ripe mango

– 1 1/2 passion fruits

– 1 tbsp of lemon juice

– ice cubes

– rosemary

nha co hai nguoi sinh to xoai chanh day

THURSDAY – LEMON TEA This drink is familiar and addictive, but not everyone can make it well. The more simple and delicious things are, the more complex they are! Soak the tea bag in hot water with slices of lemon (keep the lemon peel), and a pinch of mint leaves for about 30 minutes, then strain the lemon, tea bags and mint leaves. Finally, stir well with honey, put into a bottle, put in the refrigerator. When you drink, add some ice cubes. I do not specify the quantity of water because it can be customized according to your taste. We like to make dense lemon tea so that when I put ice in, the ice gradually dissolves, and the tea still won’t be watery. If you prefer mild lemon tea, you can add more water! The amount of honey is also customized to your liking.

– 4 Lipton tea bags

– 4-5 lemons

– some mint leaves

– honey

– hot water

Lemon tea - Nhà Có Hai Người

FRIDAY – WATERMELON MINT TEA Remember when I was small, I had to wait until Tet to drink watermelon juice, but now watermelon is available all year round. Watermelon is a succulent fruit, so it is not a bad option to use it to make beverage. The sweetness of watermelon is enhanced by the coolness of mint tea. Probably, after making a bottle of this, before you could drink a cup, you were urged to make another new bottle!

– 2 mint tea bags (in filter bag form)

– 150 ml of boiling water

– 500 ml of watermelon juice

– 1 tbsp of lemon juice

– 3 tbsps of rock sugar

– Some mint or basil leaves

– 2 slices of lemon (thin)

– ice cubes

SATURDAY – VEGETABLE JUICE: Vegetable juice blended with yogurt will soothe the summer sun that disturbs you. In this recipe, I use spinach as a base. As far as I know, this vegetable has plenty of nutrients that are good for health, good for the eyes, helps keep bones strong, protects the heart, is laxative, and is suitable for pregnant women … so it is very popular. But maybe many people do not know this vegetable can be grinded for juice like pennywort juice. If you don’t have spinach, you can also replace it with lettuce, or bok choy, cauliflower.

– 100gr of spinach

– 200gr of melon

– 200gr of bananas

– 100gr yogurt

– Sugar or honey

– Ice cubes

SUNDAY- LEMON RUM COCKTAIL: A wonderful combination between the sourness of fresh lemon, the aroma of strawberry, the scent of lemongrass and the pungency of Rum, creating a refreshing feeling at the first sip. It is suitable for summer parties with close friends on weekends!

– 150gr of sugar
– 20g gingers
– 100ml of rum
– 2 seedless lemons
– 1 can of soda (~ 330ml)
– 2 lemongrasses
– 100gr strawberries
– Ice cubes

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