The future



“Standing in their kitchen
Overlooking a flower garden
I dream of our future
Every morning in a faraway land
You make the tea and read the news
And here are the noodle bowls I make
One with vegetables and little spices
One with egg and strong spices
Happiness doesn’t need to last long
It exists in every moment we live
The sound my lover makes when he eats
No need to talk much
Just stay and just understand
Just be near and no worry
Leaving everything behind
To sense the smell of plants over our window
To lie down and listen to a piece of jazz
When two of us are letting our minds wander
Looking at the little window, we find
Oh! The tree is full of ripe fruits, babe!
We can pick, then sell them for money
We’ve been lazy enough today
Then you hold me and laugh out loud
We stay here just to be lazy
This place is not for business
Look around and you will see
Everything is all slow and lazy
Now my turn to laugh
Ok babe, so we will continue this laziness!
Our lazy days that everyone dreams of
After many failures and losses in life
After many struggles we have been together…”

-Lê Ngọc-

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