The journey of the youth & the journey of two egos


Someone will think that the two of us are absurdly foolish to get married after only ten days “falling in love”. Nevertheless, love is always a series of surprises, which we will never understand with reason?

This October is the 8th anniversary of us officially falling in love. As surprising as the way our love came and lasted until now, the two of us spontaneously went on a camping trip on the beach, choosing Ham Thuan Nam to be the destination, which is only about 160km from the city center. A few years ago, we used to have a field camp there. We were in love with the fine white sand and the wild beauty of the poor coastal area that not many people had set foot in, and we told each other that we would come back there again.

This time, because we wanted to camp overnight on the beach, we brought a lot of things. The two of us sat in front. Our two dogs shared the bench behind. The back seat was folded, so there was much space for our luggage. We brought 1 big tent, 1 A-shaped tent, sleeping bags, 1 icebox with some ingredients for cooking, beer, soft drink, 1 folding table, 2 folding chairs, a small camping gas stove, a coffee pot, a BBQ stove, a guitar, a carpet, clothes, and miscellaneous items for décor.

Ham Thuan Nam is now having more investment projects for tourism development, so it is not as deserted as before, but there are still many beautiful beaches for camping. According to the guide map, he had already chosen a few spots where we could camp. Upon arriving, we took a loop along the coast to find the right position among the predetermined spots, following our inspirational call to overcome a few terrain challenges. In the end, we decided to camp on a green grassland close to the sand field facing the sea, right in the fishing village. At this place, early in the morning, you will see fishermen returning on small motorboats and basket boats with new catches of fresh fish and seafood. From noon on, there was barely a single person. At about 1 a.m., people began to call each other to sail together.

After setting up the camp, we made French Toast with dried fruits and seeds for an afternoon snack, then swam in the sea, watching the sunset, mixing the salad, steaming scallops with onions, tomatoes, and lemon, grilling beef ribs with some seafood, drinking beer and wine for the dinner. And by the flaming fire, under the bright moonlight, we ate and talked until late at night. When it was stormy, we pulled out the tent to sleep. In the morning, in front of the tent door was a large puddle made by the last night rain. How romantic! Sun and Sea were very excited, running around, playing around all day without getting bored; at night, they were so tired that they lied down and slept right away in peace even when outside the tent that evening, there were loud thunder and lightning.

The dreamy scene; lively ambient sounds; the peaceful pace of life in a small fishing village, the smell of the sea blended with the smell of grass, the trees, sunshine, wind, sand, and the fresh seafood; delicious food and drink … All made the mind and soul so comfortable and refreshing. Despite the exhausting arrangement and cleaning, everything, including the fatigue in the hot sun, or the pain running down the spine when we fell on the air mattress at night, was the materials to weave the splendid picture of our youthful memories.

To us, this is not just a normal camping trip, but a trip of more than 3 hours from Saigon to Ham Thuan Nam and the night of camping in the murmuring sound of waves is like a way to enjoy together the beautiful footage of the strange road with countless new experiences. And each passing moment brought back many memories, from our first fated meeting to our romantic wedding with the blue theme that I had always dreamed of.

A couple’s love is inherently a journey of two egos growing together. During the past time, many things disappeared from our life such as some relationships, a few opportunities, and some materials, but above all, at this 8 year break, you and I (and our two dogs), still have each other.

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