“The menu of Z! Cafe”



We have taken photos for Z!’s menu by the invitation of a girl who was only 20 years old, but her thoughts were much older than her age. As what she said, the boss of Z! started building the chain of coffee shops from the first store which was only 4m², and he now owns dozens of different shops with the areas up to 500m² in Bien Hoa. It’s not something simple! That gives us a lot of excitement before we start our work.

There is also a predestined relationship between me and Z! I felt familiar right after I entered the shop. Not all, but there are a few points in the design style I guessed were from my ex-lover. I asked her and it turned to be right. There are some changes in the operation process of Z! which made me unsure. About the design style of my ex-lover, I memorize by heart.

I once told him, “I am really miserable, I used to love architects in the past, so I feel like I am living under his sky wherever I go”. He laughed out loud. “So now you are in love with a singer, and you will be more miserable. If anyone is sing aimlessly, you will be thinking of me, silly!?”


That’s me telling about my first feelings. And after collaborating with Z!, what motivated me to write these lines is admiration.


Z! organization will not work well without the effort of each individual. In Bien Hoa – the environment is less competitive than Saigon. It is not easy to train an excellent service staff. I have been exposed through many working environments to understand that. The problem is not necessarily the training of the business, but the perception of each individual. But Z! did it.

To make every glass of water irresistibly delicious, Z! has a whole product development department. In addition to ensuring that all drinks available on the menu maintain consistent quality, this department will launch a new product every month based on general trends and customer feedback. Baristas at all stores must be continuously trained. The marketing department runs a lot of programs to promote the business, introduce new drinks in various forms, etc.

A point many businesses are misleading in the way of thinking and doing, that is they want good things and don’t want to pay. But Z! always spends spspecific expenses for minimum aesthetic and quality standards. I call it a serious investment.


-Nhà Có Hai Người-

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