The rainy Saigon girl


Co gai Sai gon mua-nha co hai nguoi 1

We started our love story with a rain. For our first “date”, God gave us a very romantic scene. Saying “date”, but at that time we still called each other “Mr. Ngoc Anh” and “Little River” (a way of addressing a little cautious). There is a paragraph I told in the book “The house with two lives” about us sheltering from the rain that day, about the feeling of deja vu, about our “ten days of love” and the decision of “getting married”. If you are curious to know, find and read in the book, I will not tell here, for it would take a long time to tell.

Another thing I will tell is during our 5-year journey of being husband and wife, I don’t know how many times we have sheltered from the rain together. I remember, one time, the two of us cringed as we drove from Trai Mat to the center of Dalat. Seeing the rain chasing behind, we tried to drive very fast, but could not make it. Wearing inadequate clothes, the two of us stood under the empty wooden house, shivering and smiling at each other to warm us up.

Co gai Sai gon mua-nha co hai nguoi 4

Another time, we went to a cafe near our house, waited for the rain to stop but it took so long, so we took a raincoat and ran home. My husband shouted loudly, “Why don’t you go behind me to cover my backpack, what if my camera is broken?”. I laughed and said, “I think you asked why I was not walking behind you, then it should be to keep me from getting wet!” A lot of other times, the two of us nestled together under an umbrella, walking slowly in the rain.

And today, while we were sitting at 81 – the cafe of an adorable neighbor whom I never asked for the name, just simply called him “Mr. 81” because he was born in 1981 and had the 81 cafe, it was raining heavily. I rushed out into the rain, and my husband stood inside and captured by his camera. A while later, it was his turn to run through the rain, across the street to photograph me standing indoors. He called this set of photos “Saigon rainy girl” (inspired by the “Miss 3 Saigon” (Cô Ba Sài Gòn) and “Rainy sister” (Em gái mưa) which are currently popular). We were just like two kids having fun, ignoring some guests who kept watching and saying something to each other and giggling (maybe they thought it was fun, maybe they thought we were crazy), ignoring our unfinished glasses with melting ice, ignoring that the cafe is playing Trinh, Ly music, or Trang music, ignoring our wet shirts and shoes, and messy hair.

Co gai Sai Gon mua-nha co hai nguoi 5Co gai Sai Gon mua-nha co hai nguoi 2

5 years have passed, we enjoy our crazy dreamy love, facing the real anxiety, sharing the busy joys and the deep sadness. And our minds when embracing the rain still do not change – innocently eager to enjoy the sparkling happiness. If you’ve had a chance to shelter from the rain, take a rain shower, or watch the rain with a person many years ago, but the feeling when you embrace the rain together today is not the same anymore, that means one of you has already changed. As for us, the feeling of today and 5 years ago remains the same. Thanks to the rain this afternoon for making me realize something simple and true …

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