The story of the elephant and the ant


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Photo by Manh Hung

I wrote this poem on the day I argued with my husband. Before I could post it, we had made it up with each other ?
Today, when we were discussing about upcoming filming scenarios, I said I wanted to film a scenario where two lovers argue and get angry at each other, because I wanted to put everyday stories in the clips. He liked that too. He often said that when the two of us quarrelled, he didn’t get angry, just feeling happy ?

The story of the elephant and the ant

Small as an ant
But we got it burn
Where you put the key?
Why not hang the clothes?

June just had it rain,
But stopped right in March,
Love is born again
From the sulking words,
From the hasty things,
From the sweet kisses.

You said young seedlings
Are like my fragrance
A childish woman!
You love that childish me
So you love the elephant,
and the ant.

So are our quarrels
Because we’re in love
Too much love?

-Lê Ngọc-

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