The Yard Bangkok – a lovely stop in Bangkok



Another cute place you should consider visiting when choosing your accommodation is #theyardbangkok.

This place was built by Som and another woman whose name is also Som from old containers and vintage-style décor items. The Yard Bangkok is not very close to the city center, but it is near Chatuchak market which is a weekend market specializing in décor products. MRT station is also near, therefore it’s not very difficult to move to tourist attractions.

When we first came here, this place was only in shape but not touched up yet, but I was attached to the place because the two owners were too enthusiastic. When my friend traveled to Bangkok, I told her to stay here. When she returned, she gave many compliments for she was very satisfied with it.

The rooms here are mostly dorms. The two Soms regularly organize group activities such as yoga classes, open-air cinemas (people will spread the carpets on the yard to watch movies together), handmade workshops, live music nights with guitar – drum – and some singers. The atmosphere is very cozy so everyone is closer and more likely to make friends, living together almost like a family.

The luggage to bring hom of travelers from around the world is filled with beautiful memories.

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