Things to know before coming to Dubai


When it comes to Saudi Arabia, everyone will think of a lot of harsh laws, rules, and prohibitions. Dubai is not only a resort paradise for international tourists but also a place to relieve stress for the Arab population in general. It is far more open than the countries in the AEU (United Arab Emirates), but more or less an Arab country. So before coming to Dubai, you need to know some of the following:

1. Discreet attire is essential to show your respect. Although there is no regulation on how tourists should be, in a place where Muslims in general and Arabs in particular, especially women, dress very discreetly in robes covering from head to toe, even covering their faces, it is extremely vulgar for you to wear revealing clothes to go back and forth in front of them. At beaches and water parks, women can still wear bikinis!

2. Do not eat/ drink/ chew gum while using public transportation or you’ll be fined.

3. Do not show strong affection such as hugging and kissing in public. I see Arab couples when going out still holding their hands but it is not allowed to hug or kiss!

4. No smokingin public.

5. Taking photos of other people is taboo. It is ok for you to use the phone and take a selfie for yourself and your loved ones, but if you hold a professional camera, hold it up for a while, there will be people to ask you even when you are in a hotel. However, they will only remind you, but if you use the camera to take pictures of others, it will not be as simple as a reminder!

6. Muslims do not eat pork, so remember not to invite them to eat pork!

7. Most Arab countries do not allow alcoholic beverages. In some places, there is absolutely no alcohol. Who wants to drink can come to Dubai! But in Dubai, alcohol is also not sold everywhere. Alcohol is mainly sold in tourist destinations and hotels. The tax on this item in Dubai is also very high, so the price of alcohol is extremely high and beer is certainly imported from other countries, they do not produce alcohol. The day we drank Thai Singha beer at the hotel, it was more than 200,000VND/ bottle, and at a convenience store, the price was about 30,000VND/ can but there was only vegetarian beer (alcohol content is equal to 0).

In addition to the do’s and don’ts, here are some other things to know:

1. In Dubai, 80% is immigrants from all over the world so the main language of communication is English. If you are fluent in English, don’t be afraid to get lost in Dubai!

2. The cost in Dubai is extremely expensive. We bought Pepsi in a fast food store for 120,000VND/ cup, while at the cheapest automatic vending machine it was 65,000VND/ can. The food at the cheapest street food stalls is nearly 100,000VND/ portion while at the food courts, it is around 200,000VND/ portion, and the cheapest portion in a decent restaurant is 400,000-500,000VND. Arabian food uses a lot of spices when processing and has many strange flavors, so it is suitable for someone who likes to try strange things like me, but for anyone picky in eating like my husband, it will be … a little hard to eat!

3. For Dubai people, leaving a little food on the table after eating is polite.

4. Dubai uses a 3-pin socket so remember to bring an adapter along.

5. The weather in Dubai is hot, very hot. My advice to you is to choose a thin, light, cool outfit, which is capable of absorbing sweat well. Wear a hat during the day. And remember to apply sunscreen.

Have a nice trip!

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