This city

thành phố này

“So sad I was this morning
Jumping on my motor and wandering
This city is strange to me 
So many people are like the plastic garbage on the river 
Do you think the God is unfair? 
When putting people in too many situations
They look at each other,
And at themselves on the mirror
Challenging themselves!
“I will definitely be….”
“Will I dare to do that?”
This city is getting more crowded
I can’t remember all those who I’ve met
Who they are 
What they do
Where they come from
Are they in love?
Or just separated?
People are hung on the shelves
Of natural and long lasting material: public opinion
Sometimes I see I am too lost
Among these lonesome trees in this city of dirt
Hey dear, if I disappear,
Will this city be missing me?”

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