Tortilla with mackerel fish ball


Although staying at home for many days makes us miss the streets, the journeys, the food from the casual to the delicacy, it’s not the reason to make our time at home less happy. We can turn our house into a fine dining restaurant after a while. For example, with Tortilla with mackerel fish ball below.

The tortilla is a flatbread originating from Mexico and South America that is often served with meat, fish, shrimp, or vegetables, … On one fine day, while looking for inspiration to make a new dish, we decided to combine tortilla with Vietnamese fish ball to see how it goes. Who knows this random variation can be such delicious. This is easy to make:

? Buy tortillas that are available for sale at imported supermarkets.

? Thinly slice carrots, bell peppers, onions. Saute those ingredients with olive oil and a pinch of salt.

? Fry the mackerel fish balls until golden brown and cut into small pieces.

? Heat tortillas according to the instructions on the package (use a pan, microwave, or toaster)

? Place lettuces, sauteed vegetables, and fried fish balls on top of the tortillas and roll.

? Okay, let’s eat! If you like, you can present the dish on a beautiful plate like this, together with 1 fish ball skewer!

Talking about the fish ball, why do we call them CHA CA (THA) THU (FORGIVE FISH BALLS)? Actually, this is just a funny name we came up with when we created the menu for Goût Mặn. “Tha Thu” in “Yeu La Tha Thu” (To love is to forgive), which means “forgive” (haha). Because Goût Mặn mackerel fish balls, as well as other dishes, are made with a lot of love, with the hope that the people who enjoy them will feel happy to be alive and to eat a good meal every day. They will feel that life is easy and want to “forgive” all ☺️

Ah, this dish goes well with mayonnaise. If it’s homemade mayonnaise, it will taste even better.

Hey Covid Master Chefs, let’s try this together!!!! Moahz Moahz!!!!

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