Tram Tau Hot Spring – A refreshing stop for travel addicts


My husband and I have been cherishing the project of introducing Vietnamese food and tourism in English for a long time, but not until we started the “second five-year plan” were we determined to leave the house, all the jobs behind to travel from the South to the North with our two sisters. Because we would go for a long time, no one took care of the dog, so we let Sun go with us to be the camera dog. 4 of us and 1 dog on an old Pajero that my brother had just bought, with lots of filming equipment, started off the journey with all the joy of youth. Sun, on the first two days, was not used to the movement, he was anorexic, but from the third day on, he always proved to be a cool dog who loved exploring new lands ^.^

The schedule was expected to last for a month, from Saigon we would go to the entire Northwest lands, then around the Northeast and then along the East Sea to Saigon
– The trip started from October 3rd, going through Nha Trang, Da Nang, Nghe An, at each of which we only stayed for one night, then continued our journey the next morning
– Coming to Hanoi, we stopped by my friend’s house for a night, and the next day, we would set up a tent on the roof of our car so that whenever we saw a good view, we would camp along the road.
– October 8th and 9th: Tram Tau hot spring, Yen Bai. Starting from here, we were held on and had to stay longer.
– October 10th and 11th: Mu Cang Chai, Yen Bai
– October 12th to 17th: Sapa, Lao Cai
– October 18th and 19th: Y Ty, Lao Cai
– October 20th: Muong Hum, Lao Cai
– October 21st to 24th: Bac Ha and Lao Cai
– October 25th to 31st: Ha Giang
– November 01st and 02nd: Quan Ba
– November 03rd to 08th: Ba Vi


On the way, we met a cute family of 3: the father, the mother and 1 baby from Canada. The wife said, “Vietnam is so beautiful. My family has only 1 month to travel, so we could just travel the North. It will take a lot of time to travel the whole country!” I nodded “It depends on the way of traveling of each person. If we just go by, one month is too long. However, going our way, firstly to feel, then to understand, is indeed very time-consuming. We are Vietnamese but we still can’t go and fully understand our whole country”.

So many days had passed and we still hadn’t gone to the entire Northwestern region, it seemed that our plan was broken, we didn’t really know when we would return. Let’s see where the roads would lead us…

“Have you ever spent the morning
When the sun rose
Found yourself standing on the mountainside
Or floating on a river
You were like a child running around
Never get bored,
Not afraid the clouds would lead you lost,
Not afraid the slopes would make you stop yearning,
Not afraid of being old,
Not afraid to die,
Living freely in a dignified way!

Have you ever stopped thinking about wild days?”



First stop: Tram Tau 

Tram Tau is a tourist destination not many people know and would become a very new destination for travel addicts. There were terraced fields and hot springs. It was a bit chilly in the autumn. Walking on golden fields during the day and soaking in hot springs at night, you would feel extremely free. 

There was only one homestay located in a prime location embracing the Tram Tau hot spring. It was not accessible by cars. From the car park to the homestay, it was about 300 meters. The road to the homestay was small and winding, bounding along the terraces, beautiful whether day or night. The hot spring and the homestay were well planned and clean, so you would admire the clear blue water and this lovely resort! However, this place did not know how to do the service, so I was a little sorry. I don’t want to mention it. Hopefully later when I have the opportunity to come back, I would appreciate this place more.

There are tickets for visitors to the hot spring bath, so be sure that if you choose to stay elsewhere, you can still immerse yourself in this blue hot water! 

The hot spring overlooked the terraced fields. In September & October every year, the ripe rice season makes the inherent beauty of the place more magical. If you come here without walking in the terraced fields, it is a pity! 

On the way from Tram Tau to Mu Cang Chai, near Tu Le, seeing a very beautiful stream and bridge, we stopped and pitched the tent for a lunch break, went down the stream to wash the pork that we had bought along the way, picked woods for setting fire, and picked stones to make chairs. Life is nothing more poetic! 

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