Unforgettable PERAKANAN meal at KEBAYA


As I mentioned before, Perakanan, also known as Baba-Nyonya, is a group of Chinese people settling in Penang, Malacca, Singapore, and Indonesia and marrying local Malays to create a unique cultural blending of Chinese culture and Malay culture.

There is an old house over 100 years old you must visit: Pinang Peranakan villa. The first owner of this house was Mr. Chung Keng Quee – a Fujian. He had one main wife in China. When he arrived in Penang, he married a second wife, who was a Penang person, and he built this villa for her. Over the years, the villa still retains the harmony between the splendor and sophistication of the Chinese architecture and the exquisite and luxurious details of the United Kingdom architecture.

Bua an PERAKANAN kho quen tai KEBAYA 7 Bua an PERAKANAN kho quen tai KEBAYA 8 Bua an PERAKANAN kho quen tai KEBAYA 9

Perakanan dishes are cooked using Chinese ingredients in combination with the seasoning spices of the Malay community. Kebaya Restaurant ranking No.1 on Tripadvisor was a fine dining restaurant serving Perakanan dishes. I had to book a day in advance because the restaurant only served a certain number of customers at a specific hour.

Bua an PERAKANAN kho quen tai KEBAYA 10

Kebaya does not have an à la carte menu, but only a set menu of 4 dishes: appetizer, main dish, vegetable, and dessert. Each category has 4 to 5 options. Each customer chooses 1 dish in each category, then the food will be served with white rice so that everyone can share the dishes. For example, if a person chooses 4 dishes, then 2 people will select 8 different dishes. If you’re in a group of 4-5 people, you can try almost all of the menu items (if everyone orders different dishes).

I do not mention in detail about each dish because I guess the menu will be changed according to the season and you should also discover it yourself. But I did take pictures! The food was presented nicely. The food was cooked in the fusion style, so the quality was raised a few levels compared to the general taste of the locality, suitable for international diners. In a nutshell, that was good food that you could only enjoy if coming to a restaurant or you are a very good cook.

Bua an PERAKANAN kho quen tai KEBAYA 3 Bua an PERAKANAN kho quen tai KEBAYA 14 Bua an PERAKANAN kho quen tai KEBAYA 13 Bua an PERAKANAN kho quen tai KEBAYA 5 Bua an PERAKANAN kho quen tai KEBAYA 11 Bua an PERAKANAN kho quen tai KEBAYA2

The price of a 2-person meal was more than 2 million. The price was quite high compared to popular restaurants but not high compared to fine dining restaurants. If possible, try it and see that the money is completely worth it. My mother and I were both full but still wanted to … eat more because everything was delicious.

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