Version 3.0

Version 3.0

Is it true that you will never forget me 
Of my foolish days,
Of my mindless days, 
Chasing each other on the frets?
Now I am nearly 30 with some freckles on my face
Every up and down, I feel like I am on the edge 
(and will fall at any time!)
Want to be shallow but my heart is deep 
Want to be naïve but pretend that I am not smart 
And you – a man of over 30 with a cold head and a strong heart 
Are you sure you still have emotions on me?
Love is not a habit 
Like brushing teeth or washing face
Heartbeat sometimes can be fast, can be slow 
CIt’s nature that sometimes love can be shallow, 
Everybody has to overcome some updates of their lives
Your 3.0 version must differ from my 3.6 version…

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