Visit Trinh Tuong’s house – The typical architecture of Ha Nhi people in Bat Xat


Curious about Ha Nhi people, we decided to go to their place to learn more about them. 

On the way to San village, there were many beautiful scenes that we constantly admired. 

Finally, we arrived. This is San village, a village of Ha Nhi people with lovely mushroom-shaped houses. 

The Ha Nhi’s house is called Trinh Tuong’s house with walls made of clay. The door was very small that we had to bend to come inside. Inside the house, it was closed and dark. Furniture in the house was often made of wood. Looking at this picture, I kept thinking of fairy tales. 

This is one of the very few mushroom houses that still holds the old-style roof made of bamboo, then covered with straw, and let the wind and rain build the moss on the roof. We couldn’t believe there were such beautiful houses in Vietnam. However, people here probably were familiar with those houses, they did not feel that style was beautiful, so they changed into metal roof for more convenience. People with better living conditions broke the old clay houses and to build brick houses in the style of Kinh people. I am really sorry that the policy of preserving traditional houses in our country is not good enough for the people to store them. I hope that those who are interested in Vietnamese architecture will be able to do something to preserve these few remaining houses. And it’s not recommended to exploit tourism in these places. Because basically, Vietnam’s tourism has not been exploited properly, and the tourists are very poorly aware when traveling. Please don’t repeat the sad story!

The children in the village saw us then they run towards us to see. They were all cute! The fact that a young child has to carry his/her younger sibling is a familiar image in our country’s villages. 

This was the prettiest child in the village and she also loved taking pictures.

We were unloading our luggage in preparation for dinner ^. ^. We arranged the ingredients bought at Y Ty market in the morning to cook dinner. The place where we cooked was in front of a Trinh Tuong house in the village. So many old people and kids gathered there to watch us. The people there were very gentle and friendly, and they helped us with all their hearts! 

My husband was lighting a fire for two urban girls to cook dinner hihi.

Oh, my beloved pot! Because of the woodstove, it became all black.

The house where we were cooking on the photo from above, so beautiful! 

In the house, the uncles were smoking pipe tobacco. My husband also joined a little bit. 

Backstage photo of our dinner cooking clip. At that time, it was dark, and we were almost done the cooking. 

After dinner, we all said goodbye to everyone in the village, cleaned up, loaded up the car, and watched the stars together. The village was located deep in the mountain, the road was very rugged and difficult. There was electricity but not so strong so there was no street light. As a result, we enjoyed a beautiful starry sky. There were scenes that only actual experience can “record”. By all senses, and love for this life. 

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