Warm your peaceful heart with the sun


Not long ago, I read an article in Joy magazine that mentioned the serotonin hormone – a hormone that makes you feel happy. And do you know how to increase serotonin level? The simplest way is…to sunbathe. When we went to Danang, we stayed at a place where we could feel happy only by mentioning its name: The Sunlight Suites (Nắng Suites)

Nắng is located in a small alley, less than 5 minutes riding by bicycle to My Khe beach. The whole house has 4 floors. The entire ground floor area is for the kitchen, dining table, library, movie room, and parking space. The remaining floors include 8 small apartments. A large sky-well acts as a bridge between the dreamers and the clouds. Just by standing in the middle of that space, we can feel the movement of time and the weather. On a beautiful sunny day, the sunlight stretches from the ceiling to the wall and runs slowly clockwise to cover the dishes and objects on the large table in the middle of the house with joy.

The penthouse with the romantic name Blue Moon brings a harmonious interference between the Western European style in the 60s of the last century and the contemporary style, and of course, the penthouse has a lot of blue objects that I love. A bedroom with a king-size bed, an armchair at the foot of the bed to watch TV, a lovely wardrobe, and a compact kitchen corner. An airy balcony welcomes the sun every morning. A spacious bathroom overlooks the open space of the sky well and lets in the sun every afternoon. Ms. Yen and Ms. No – housekeepers are very enthusiastic and helpful.

Many hotels have suites with a large area, a living room, and a kitchen, but few places can bring a home-like feeling. Maybe this is the first time we’ve traveled in a lovely co-living model like this. So for 3 days in Danang, we didn’t try to go out to many places, but spent more time resting at “home”.

In the morning we would go to the sea for a bit: rowing a boat, watching the sunrise, windsurfing; in the afternoon, we rode bicycles to the beach to practice windsurfing, sat on the smooth white sand to drink beer, gossip, and to make new friends. They are Danang people, and people coming from afar but choosing to live in Danang because they fall in love with this place.

Nhan – our new friend who works at a hotel in Da Nang said that every day, when there is no work shift, she will rush to the sea with her motor, joining the surfing team guys for fun. Some days, the waves are beautiful, and some days, the waves are weak, but it’s okay. She feels peaceful and free whenever going to the sea. Therefore, now that wherever she goes, she wants to go back to Da Nang. My friend Tin Tin who taught us surfing also had the destiny to stay in Da Nang, spent a year training and is currently having a surfing teaching class so that he can both earn a living and nurture his passion for the waves. A few other friends are running their cafes and bars. Although they do different jobs, they both love the sea and love this city.

The rest of the time we didn’t play at the beach, we liked to spend time around the house reading, taking pictures, drinking tea, eating cake, and watching movies. True to its name, the whole house during the day is always full of sunshine, from the living room downstairs, to the corridors connecting the stairs on each floor, to the penthouse on the top floor of us. Even though the trip was short, our happiness seemed to be endless. As I curled up on the corner of the bed to sunbathe, he said I looked like a cat. Well, I’m a 45kg cat with a peaceful heart.

A few small notes for you when you come to Da Nang:

Surfing experience: To learn basic windsurfing, it only takes a session to know how to surf, but whether you can surf depends on each person. Take my husband and me for example, he could surf well right when he tried the surfing board for the first time, and I felt nervous every time the waves came, so I had to catch the waves 20 times to surf 3 times.

But it was fun, a lot of fun. Anyone who can swim or cannot swim can try this game. Those with more time can take a long-term course (8 sessions) to be taught different surfing techniques. Then, if you go to any beach with nice waves, just rent a board to practice by yourself! For more information, please view Danang Surf Club.

Experiencing boat rowing and watching coral reefs: From Man Thai beach, you can row to Sup Rocky Area (Hòn Sụp) about 2km from the shore to watch the coral. There are many groups doing sub and glasses rental services as well as tour guides, but personally, I find it a bit hustle because there were too many people. If you know someone who is a local, you can ask your friends to take you out early to avoid the crowds. We were so happy to have our friend taking us there. My lover was tired from rowing, and I just sat and sunbathed, cheered, and when we got there, I jumped down to swim and to watch the starfish. I met some lovely blue starfish.

Watching the sunset: Running along the coastal road in the direction of Linh Ung Pagoda, there are some locations with a panoramic view of the city. At around 6 o’clock, the city began to sparkle with lights.

Eating delicious seafood: Look for Nam Danh restaurant! The food shop is located in a deep alley but is easy to find, and when you find it, you will be overwhelmed because it was pretty LARGE.

It serves both tourists and locals. Fresh seafood, well-processed, and incredibly cheap. We ate a full meal and it only cost 350,000 VND.

Must-try delicious dishes: Nam O fish salad & steamed scallop fish rolled with morning glory vegetable at Co Hong restaurant – No. 118 Huynh Thuc Khang. In general, it is delicious, you will be addicted to it. I will not talk about it because I will be drooling badly.

Coffee: You can visit Bluetiful – a beautiful little shop of my friend for the team who loves the blue color because the shop is decorated with blue tone items.

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