Water the plants when you are sad


Tren duong rong ruoi-nha co hai nguoi 2

We shared our youth,
The never ending sunsets,
The times I pretended
“I’m thirsty, we should stop somewhere”
And the times you frowned
To stop for a café on the way
And the times I whispered in my lover’s ears
“Wow! This coffee has perfect aroma
This tea is a little watery
But it’s okay!
As long as we are together,
Isn’t it?!”
The rows of tree are so shy
Looking at our bike
Telling each other
“Oh they are so happy together!”
The café owner smiled and dried up the old table
Soppy with water,
With all her heart.
She thought in her life there must be
The times that she was right
The silent café, the high slope, together with the hearts in love,
Sometimes sobbing…

-Lê Ngọc-

Tren duong rong ruoi-nha co hai nguoi 1Tren duong rong ruoi-nha co hai nguoi 3

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