We always find each other in life


It is the title of a book by Brian Weiss – Head of psychiatry at Mount Sinai Medical Center in Miami, translator: Du An. A title that made me immediately want to buy and read the book right away.

Kiếp nào ta cũng tìm thấy nhau

Do you believe in predestined fate? Actually, I always have faith in things that I cannot explain, such as souls, past lives, destiny, etc., but I just do not totally rely on that but still believe in myself more. Brian Weiss is a doctor so he only believes in science, until he was led to new experiences in the process of psychotherapy for his patients. He said that in a few sessions of treating patients with hypnosis, helping them reminisce their childhood memories, there were people who went on strange adventures to places they had never known. Gradually, after in-depth research, he found a new treatment method which was past life regression.

Why are there people born afraid of the dark? Why are there people who lack faith in love? Why are there outstanding people in a particular field? Why are there people who we just meet for the first time but we have a sense of acquaintaince? … Is it true that people born with any appearance all carry the experiences of their past lives, which are links of pain, hurt, talent, love of our present days?

I personally do not fully agree with the author’s interpretations, because after all, he is just a person with subjective opinions and of course, the world of the souls still has many unexplainable things. I am convinced by the stories and experiences of the patients treated with past life regression. They actually saw themselves (and sometimes, along with their loved ones) in the previous lives. The relationships are not just about partners and partners, but sometimes, there are surprising role transitions. Through each treatment, they gradually realize the value of reality, relationships, life, and death. Some people found their loved one from a previous life in this life. Some people can heal themselves from the wounds deep within their souls. Is it magical?!

If you have my book “Nhà Có Hai Người” (The house with two lives) on your shelf, you probably remember the letter I wrote to my husband: “In the past, I used to ask myself the question: Can love start with a kiss? When I leaned on you, after our passionate kissing, I found my own answer. The answer was more complete than I could imagine. Love doesn’t slip through me like other indifferent times. I even think I love you before I met you. It’s just that I accidentally dropped my beautiful piece of memory somewhere.” My exact feeling was like that. The first time he whispered “I love you”, I kept that voice in my head for a long while, then shyly sent him the message “love you”. Later, my husband kept teasing “when did you start loving me”. I don’t know, and I am not sure. “Probably from a previous life” – I answered him like that.

When I read this book, I felt that my beliefs were strengthened, but I want to emphasize, there are things we know just to better understand ourselves so that we can appreciate our lives and the people we are fortunate to meet (again) in our life, to make the right decisions for our self, but not to depend on it. I also believe that our fate is made by us. If the affection and connection between the two souls are big enough, we will always find each other in life!

“I don’t know how many girls have you loved before me,

Night is not night,

Day is unclear,



Suddenly broken.

Eventhough we are apart in this life

I will see you in after life


Chasing after the circle of fate for long,

Things have changed,

Appearances have changed,

But our minds stay the same.

It’s no used crying, screaming, or holding back

Anyhow, I’m still waiting for you, there!

At the top of the hill, when coffee flower blooms

To find each other with our passionate eyes!


The window

The cloud and the shining sun

Wake up, it’s morning

Please give me this incomplete life

See you later, in next life, my babe!”

P/s: The above poem is not written for me. I only assumed that if “we” (maybe anyone) find the other half in this life but the reality does not allow us to be together, then calmly accept that we will meet again. The reality, although as vague as a dream, is still reality. Nobody lives in the past or the future.

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