We got married because we are lazy


046aWedding invitation on my hand,
Looking at you,
People got married because of love
But we got married just because we are lazy baby!

You were lazy to go for a long road
To return to your empty house
To hold the comb to take off my falling hair
You were lazy to chat over phone over night
It’s a waste of money and it made us miss each other so much
Crowing all nights
You were lazy to play the guitar for the high and low notes, and to express your heart
But nobody was listening?!
I was lazy to wait every morning
For you to pick me up for breakfast,
To drive me to work,
To stay away from the rain
Telling me that we were still young!
I was lazy to bath every day, to wash my clothes
All alone that made me tired
Nobody to give me a massage
Nobody to pity me: “Let me do it for you!”
I was lazy to put on my cream, to do my make-up and wear my perfume
If there wasn’t you to remind me of such
I was lazy to turn my head and make my own bow
Of the dress that you bought for me when you passed by the shop, for no reason, just because it looked beautiful
And the zipper was too long
For my arm to reach…
I was lazy to eat an ice cream
After the dinner
The news was on the TV
Eating alone, the cream was quick to melt baby!

When I was 5, I thought husband and wife was life playing game
Like we – the kids – were playing rock, paper, scissors to see who would be the husband, who would be the wife,
Who would be the kid for the parents to do chores
When grandmom or mom came up to call us to come home, the game was over.
Among the city of million people,
Adults also play the game to be husband and wife then they stop as the kids!
I have been waiting for so long
For you,
To be sure that we get married because we need each other in life
Love is just one in million reasons
We need each other so that we can be less lazy, be hard working, love this life, and be nice people,
I have you to help me wear dress,
You have me to pamper, to care…

-Le Ngoc-

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