When and where to go for your “honeymoon”?


A long time ago, newlyweds in the West used to drink mead wine – a fermented honey-based wine that was as sweet and passionate as the love of a couple when they walked through a new chapter of life. “Honeymoon” – a couple’s vacation after the wedding day, as a ritual to celebrate the day “we belong together” – is thought to initiate from this practice. My husband calls that “hon ni mun”, and it sounds lovely.

Most of our photos were taken by his tripod. This photo was when we were using the tripod, then clicked once, and reviewing the photo taken 10 seconds before. I looked super excited hihi.

I remember when I just married, because we held two wedding ceremonies, we got to fly between the South and the North, we were exhausted. Moreover, at that time I was still an office girl, I just starting working for the company for a week and one day I came to my boss and told him “Boss, let me take a week off to get married!”, so after the wedding, I had to return to work immediately.

Honestly, the two of us were very poor at that time. Actually, we did not have any saving money, but we still decided to get married. I often teased him, “1 debt plus 1 debt is still 1 debt; but 2 hands plus 2 hands are 4 hands, so we do not have to afraid anymore baby!”. The two of us worked like crazy during the early years of the marriage. I remember, our first honeymoon was 1 year after the wedding, and actually, it was a trip with the main purpose of work, and honeymoon by-the-way.

Hanoi city at night viewed from above.

Every time I went to Hanoi, I was overwhelmed by the change of the city.

But over the years, I still do not feel regret for not having had a full honeymoon as in the usual sense. On the contrary, we are still happy and full of happiness (except when we argue). For us, it doesn’t matter when and where to go for honeymoon. It’s important that we still have each other after a long way. Later, when our financial status was more stable, we went on honeymoon so many times in a year. I think that love never exists forever, and there must be ups and downs like our heartbeat. Every trip, whether we go on vacation or for business, is a honeymoon full of love. Because we cherish every happy moment together.

This time we went to Hanoi for the Sprout Ginseng Festival at the Intercontinental Landmark 72 Hotel, and we also shot for the “n”-time-wedding-photo-album. The room was huge with city view. In the early morning, we could watch the sunrise together, went down to 3Spoon for a huge breakfast, went out, had lunch, took a nap, enjoyed afternoon tea in the Hive lounge, listened to live music, watched the city in night lights, then soaked in a tub filled with water to relax, and went to Qbar to have a little alcohol at late-night …Is there any better thing?

Deluxe King Room had a king-size bed, a spacious bathroom, and a bathtub.

Knowing that buffet breakfast at Intercontinental Landmark 72 is highly appreciated for its quality and diversity but we haven’t had the opportunity to enjoy it until now. The breakfast was full of European and Asian dishes that would suit the taste of the guests from all over the world.

This is the area that serves all types of egg ^. ^

The hotel starts from the 62nd floor. This is the Hive Lounge overlooking the reception counter with sophisticated and elegant design with city view. During the day, the lounge serves tea and cake, in the afternoon, there is afternoon tea, and from 6 pm there is live music.

I was sipping afternoon tea when the beautiful blogger that I had admired for a long time suddenly appeared in the hall. It turned out she was even prettier than in her photos. Do you recognize who this is?

Afternoon tea set at Hive Lounge includes a variety of savory, sweet, chocolate cakes of all kinds. The price is only 396,000VND ++/ pax, and if you order 1 hot teapot, it takes only 120,000VND but it was a little too much for us. It’s reasonable for a romantic afternoon.

Hihi, after the beautiful sister finished her desserts and we also finished our work, we all went to Qbar to drink some beer for fun.

Am I successful styling like a Korean?

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