When we are old


Khi hai ta lam nguoi gia

“When we are old
you’ll plant trees, and I’ll pick fruits
we eat rice with the sour fish soup
and watch the tree with falling leaves out there
I will always behave nicely
and smile tenderly as I was young…

you will hold the book, and again you will read
the open stories of yesterday,
the stories that once made me sad,
the stories that you haven’t understood…
the wounds of mine that need your care
how many little things did you hide?
in the sparkling shining eyes?
thoroughly I think, life is so weird
when we were young, we often stayed up late
to do silly things together
there were nights we were arguing
but we are still in love
not leaving each other even in a minute
to be a happy old couple
to keep the feeling for each other

I will read you for long
will love you all over again, baby!
you will always be my little woman
fawning on me like a little girl in love
we will be two dreamers
when our hair is gray!”

-Lê Ngọc-

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