Wifi transmitter – my inseparable item when traveling abroad


The first thing we did when landing at Dubai airport was going straight to Book My Wifi counter near the Information counter right at the exit of Terminal 3 to receive the wifi transmitter – my inseparable item when traveling abroad. A computer neophyte like me have just recently learned about wifi transmitter for some months, so I will talk a little about this device for those who haven’t known about this!

  • Advantages: 
    – A small portable device that can be held within your hand, including wifi transmitter and a charger. On the device, there is the name of the wifi and the password. You just need to log in, then you can go online to search for information about places, to look for the route, to post your photos anywhere, anytime, as long as it doesn’t run out of battery.
    – Strong wifi.
    – It can be shared with 10 users at the same time or 10 devices (cellphones, laptops, tablets) at the same time.
    – Can book in advance and when you reach the destination, just come to the Book My Wifi counter to get the device quickly and easily. There are various packages, in which the cheapest is 55AED (~350,000 dongs) for 500MB, 4 days and the most expensive is 174AED (~1,100,000 dongs) for 2GB, 4 days. Here is the link for booking in advance: (If you go to another country, you can refer to the website or app of Klook).
    – Wifi transmitter goes with a sim card to stay connected with other people in case the wifi is lost.
    – The device can be used continuously in about 5-6 hours, so if you go out the whole day, you just need to bring your portable charger along.
  • Disadvantages:
    – If many people are using the same device, those people should go together, if not, the wifi might be lost. Therefore, it’s best if 2-3 people sharing one device.

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