Y Ty market fair – The beauty of the mountainous area


Continuing our journey, we went straight from Sapa to Y Ty so that we could join the Y Ty market fair on Sunday. I don’t know which ethnicity this woman was, what she sold, but she had many buyers hihi.

When I came here, I met Ha Nhi people – an ethnic group originating from China. Compared to other ethnic groups, I saw the Ha Nhi people have beautiful faces, gentle, kind, simple but decent clothes, decent manners. Every weekend, they sell a lot of home-grown goods at the Y Ty fair.

There were many other ethnic groups in the market. These were H’Mong women. When I first went to the Northwest, I was overwhelmed by the colors and I couldn’t identify ethnic groups, but after nearly a month wandering around the mountainous provinces, meeting many people, I began to know how to identify them ^.^

Ha Nhi people displayed vegetables in the middle of the market. Each person had only a few things to sell. Because they do not speak Kinh language, they often sell the materials in bundles, or tens, with the price being even. For example, ten persimmons are 10,000 dongs, 1 bunch of vegetables is 10,000 dongs, 2 croissants (bánh bò) are 5,000 dongs ^.^

This is Ngọc Cẩu – a specialty of the forests and is used to brew wine..

This is a group of Dao women shopping at Y Ty market.

Some pretty baskets in the market were like mine.

In the market, besides fresh food ingredients, there were barbecue stalls and some local dishes’ stalls such as simmered horse meat and offal (thắng cố) cooked in the homemade style of the lowland people.

From the outside looking at the market gate, two rows of motorbikes of shoppers lined along the streets.

Tan and Thuy – our two younger siblings – were going around the market.

Next to us was a Ha Nhi boy. He followed his mother to the market. His mother sold goods, and the boy went around to be the interpreter. He was small, gentle and very enthusiastic. When I finished shopping at the market, I bought him a toy and asked him to eat barbecue and thắng cố with us. I did not give him money because I didn’t want him to have a bad habit – asking tourists for money.

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