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I don’t know about you, but to me, the image of yachts is always associated with wealth and freedom. Well, if you want a private yacht to take you and your friends to the beach to chill all day long, you must be very rich. I heard that the price of renting a yacht in a day must be several hundred million, and buying a yacht is … erm! It’s fantastic to be free in the open sea to do whatever anyone wants to do. I have watched many movies with beautiful scenes on yachts and I was fascinated. But it’s certainly hard to go to the sea on a private yacht with my current capability.


No problem, we can join a trip with many people by booking tours. You can save the cost and have a full day with private space, extremely relaxing, comfortable, fun, to experience quality services, and enjoy delicious food. Specifically, during the last trip to Phuket, with only about 2.5 million/ person, we had a leisurely day at sea. I will write the tour schedule below:

🐟🐟🐟 This tour did not include shuttle bus, so according to the appointment time indicated on the booking confirmation, at 11 AM, we were present at Ao Chalong harbor with other travelers. The meeting place was The Pink Lighthouse – a pink lighthouse with a big clock right at the harbor. From there, the tour leader gathered everyone together, and we boarded a tuk-tuk to go to the port.


🐟🐟🐟 Everyone went aboard. There were tables and chairs for groups of guest downstairs. There were double mattresses for 1 or 2 people upstairs. The canopy downstairs has a mattress for people to lie out for sunbathing. Guests are welcome with a welcome drink.

🐟🐟🐟 When everyone had settled in, the boat left the dock. The bar downstairs started serving lunch buffet with simple dishes: fried rice, Thai pad, sushi, vegetable rolls, fruit salad, vegetable salad, some kinds of sandwich … Guests could also order their drinks and pay for those.


🐟🐟🐟 After an hour and a half, the boat arrived at Coral Island. The beach was so beautiful!!!! Extremely quiet, empty, and clean. The sea was clear. People could sit on the sand or in the area with chairs. I saw that some people wore their propellers, swimming glasses and snorkel to swim far away to see fish. We rushed to the sea to swim. The sea was quite deep. When I walked from the pontoon bridge to the sand, I looked at the two sides to see a lot of fish swimming.

🐟🐟🐟 After freely swimming for about 1.5 hours, everyone returned to the yacht and continued to move to another location. The staff members on the yacht served everyone desserts. There was a cool-looking DJ playing music.

🐟🐟🐟 Next destination was Racha Yai Island. The yacht didn’t land but just parked near the island. On the yacht, there were stairs so people could use to go downstairs to swim. If you are good at swimming, you can stand in any corner of the yacht and jump into the sea. Glasses and snorkels were available for those who like snorkeling. The sea of this area was quite deep and the seabed was a strange and colorful world with lots of coral reefs and fishes that I had never seen before. Everyone was free to swim, snorkeling in about 45 minutes and then return to the yacht.

🐟🐟🐟 DJ was playing music more lively and loudly. Everyone was dancing to the music or going around the corners of the yacht taking pictures. We were just lying on the upper floor watching the sunset, chatting with some new friends on the cruise.

An elderly couple who seemed to be Americans were calmly lying in the sun. The string of the woman’s swimsuit pulled down on her soft and seductive shoulders. They were lying there all afternoon resting on their heads, sharing some cigarettes or beer bottles. Another couple who looked strong and healthy were lying on the floor staring passionately at each other, occasionally kissing slowly. A Thai group sang the song to celebrate the birthday of a pretty girl in the group. A few Korean girls were walking around the yacht and taking pictures. A gentle Bahrain girl sitting next to me suggested some random stories. In her country, it is taboo to wear a bikini and go out with men but here, in Thailand, tourists come and go every day, no one cares who she is, where she comes from, which religion she has. She could completely live the way she wanted. Her two-piece bikini revealed almost her whole small body with dark brown skin…


Lying on the yacht, observing the way international friends have fun was also a way for us to remove our barriers or in other words, socially defined barriers for a person, completely freeing our minds and giving us strong beliefs in the lifestyle we have been both pursuing. Although it was a tour with many people, the experience was unique to each person. Suppose there is no material wealth, no one forbids us to keep ourselves rich and free in the soul, right?

Link of the tour for your reference:

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