“Even though there are thunderstorms/ Let’s dream and love, please babe!” is a poem book with summer flavor, and various emotions: Sad and happy, desperate then hopeful, lonesome then happy, darkness together with sparkle.

In the multi-dimensional world of author Le Ngoc, love is not only sad or happy. It is an apricot jam jar full of experiences.

cứ mơ và cứ yêu đi

If you’ve ever been walking tiredly in a certain summer, and then your heart craves to recover, read this book, from Le Ngoc – the veteran writer of Dep magazine, the founder of “House of two”, a muse who wandered the streets to write sweet verses like a honey jar:

“If just hugging is enough
I will snuggle up to you
My self
Then I will revive
Then I will know sadness, pain, and crying
Like grass, dead and then grow again
Innocent soul through the green days
Never mind of this unstable life
Just live with the foolish days
Just pour out all the delusion
It’s nothing,
Just for a moment!”

In Le Ngoc’s poem book “Even though there are thunderstorms/ Let’s dream and love, please babe!” by Le Ngoc, she painted the scene by picking up the materials from life to put into poetry: Windows, sunlight, trees, kitchen or very simple places like bus stations, coffee shops…

Have you ever imagined that someday your everyday activities such as boiling water, eating noodles, watching news … will be included in poetry?

cứ mơ và cứ yêu đi

As such, Le Ngoc’s poem captures every frame from her eyes and rewrites naturally, she writes to herself first. And that innocence is what readers now are in need of.

Le Ngoc writes very simple poems, and that’s what makes the appeal of the beautiful little poetry collection, entitled “Even though there are thunderstorms/ Let’s dream and love, please babe!” Le Ngoc almost put all the materials she encountered from life into poetry, and turned the book into a daily diary of a dreamy girl about her life.

Take this poem for example: At weekends – the rare time we can be a child, all we need to care about is the piece of fish, the rice cooker and the bird in the garden:

“I only have today
To fry the fish,
To cook rice,
To grow more plants in the garden,
And to sing for the bird
In the gloomy cage
My neighbor hung up
To watch every day for fun
To cycle around
For the wind to blow up
My blue dress
My cool summer afternoon.

And there are many other poems of Ngoc – just to tell everyday stories like this, but those poems will surely make you happy, and filled with love for life, when reading.

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