sach nha co hai nguoi

“Nhà có hai người” is the first book of Le Ngoc, in which she shares her opinions on love and marriage, such as “loving the right person”, “marrying a kind person”, or thoughts about sex before marriage and the sharing of mother-in-law and daughter-in-law relationship. In the nearly 200-page book is the story of the author, the people around her, and poetry, photos, paintings, all the high and low notes of everyday life. She shared: “My words are still simple, gentle as a whisper to readers every day. Because I am not a writer to polish every single word, I am not a poet to make every reader full of emotions with every sentence of my poems. I’m just a storyteller (of reading enthusiasts), and a “muse” (of my husband). I’m not sure that I wrote nice poetry, but I guarantee that what you see on the paper and then touch with your hands is all sincere and honest.” Especially with poems that are naturally written as if they were chatting, Ngoc shows the ability to master the words, bringing them together into seamless emotions.

Le Ngoc put a lot of effort into the book, wishing the book would be loved the way readers love the couple’s  Nhà Có Hai Người blog, and her love will be flown away to everywhere to convey positive messages about love and trust … amid an era when things that bring good value must be ranked below superficial entertainment programs. The readers of the book can be anyone, even if they have never been loved before or have been loved and hurt… She hopes that when folding the book, we will have more faith in love, believing that happiness is not something we can compare to others’, but an equal value for everyone… Everyone is equally happy, only different of the time and the person to which they share those precious moments.

The book belongs to the category of essay and poetry, full color printed on ford paper to keep the rustic but no less artistic trait. Since the fall of 2017, “Nhà Có Hai Người” have been distributed nationwide on the bookstore system ofFahasa, Phương Nam, Cá Chép, và tiki.vn.

The song Trang wrote for the book “Nhà Có Hai Người” was inspired by the poem .“We got married just because we were lazy”

About the author Le Ngoc 


Le Ngoc (real name Le Yen Thuy Ngoc), born in 1990 in Saigon. After graduating with a Bachelor degree of Business Administration (Hospitality and Restaurant Service) from University of Wales (Singapore), Ngoc returned to work at Park Hyatt Saigon, and “On The 6” Restaurant before being the founder of Yen cafe – one of the pioneer coffee shops in Saigon in the trend of organizing acoustic music performance every night. In 2013, after getting married, Ngoc discovered her cooking hobby and talent. Ngoc and her husband, Ngoc Anh Idol, have made many videos sharing how to cook delicious dishes on “House of two” and now she is a popular culinary blogger. She has been collaborating with various magazines such as Dep, The gioi van hoa, Bep gia dinh, Em dep, etc. and VTV7 channel.

Photos of the book launch at Acoustic bar (Saigon), Ca Chep bookstore (Hanoi) and Ajinomoto cooking studio (Hanoi))

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