Just being together, every ordinary moment becomes special


Once he said that in Da Lat it was impossible not to love; the cold air makes our hands want to find the warmth from our loved ones. When we were just married, every two months, we made a trip to Dalat, and 3 years ago, we decided to buy a beautiful little garden to have an excuse to visit Da Lat more often. At that time, we did not have much money, but we were on the urge to follow our hearts.

People asked us what about Da Lat that made us love so much? I like the seasons of flowers: cherry blossoms in March, mimosa and phoenix in April, dandelion in May, and sunflower in June … In December, yellow tree marigold is lit up on both sides of the road. He likes the pine forest, the winding roads embraced by the tall tree reaching the blue sky. Every time we come here, we don’t do anything special, just enjoy peaceful moments together.

Besides a few days wandering around the wide streets, there were days when we just wandered around the streets and went back to our resting place. In the morning, he drove me to the market to buy vegetables and some pretty flowers, drank coffee in the morning, walked around until noon, then came back together to prepare a simple lunch, brought it to the garden to enjoy, and watched the leisurely afternoon go by.

The other day I read a fun blog post on the internet about twin flams (roughly translated as “twin souls”) with a description that if you meet someone who makes you feel that they are extremely familiar, regardless of your completely different characteristics, but thanks to that, you are possible to support each other, and without any special effort, you can achieve the state of happiness and fullness; then you have met your twin soul, and you will love each other no matter what. I teased: “Maybe in the next life you will have to see me again”; He said “That’s good then!”. The answer is so simple yet it makes me feel touched.

Our love has been going on normally like that since we first fell in love. Remember that day I fell in love with him because of a small lovely detail that he drove the sky-colored Vespa that I loved so much, and the noise that old Vespa made was so funny. Before I knew him, I liked Vespa very much because of its elegant design, its individuality that is not for everyone. After meeting him, I love Vespa even more. The new Vespas still retain the delicate beauty and personality, honoring the individuality of the owner.

For us, Vespa is not only a vehicle for commuting but also a companion to mark the love story of the two of us. Therefore, we really love the times when we wash the Vespa together. Thought it was just boring, but if we just share things together, every ordinary moment becomes special.

“Life is a picnic”. Spontaneity, instead of planning, will bring incredible joy. The nature of love is a constant movement. Every normal day is a day to love, isn’t it?

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