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I drew the painting below the way I like, in a series of days I find back my broken beliefs from my childhood when the teacher said: “This is wrong of you to draw like this, you must draw like that, like A, B do. It’s the right way”; and since then, every drawing exercise submitted to school was drawn my hardworking mother, and the 6-year-old girl that day continued to grow up as an irregular verb (many times I felt confused and bewildered by countless principles), who always believed that she could not, instead of always believing “I can do it!”. Drawing a painting, for me, is a miracle after more than 20 years of not daring, not confident enough, not knowing how, and not being able to draw a cat.

My journey to discover myself started in 2018 when I was determined to take part in the watercolor painting course at the Thao V. workshop. Actually, at that time, the reason I learned to draw was that my work required me to work many times with art creators, especially with artists, but I didn’t understand anything about paintings. Thanks to Thao to place the first brick by encouraging me “you can draw!”, my belief wall had a basis to gradually be solidly built. When I first started using watercolors, I felt the way the colors flowing on the surface of the paper following the flow of water looked so free, creating bold – light colors that sometimes surprised the brush holder with the results of the flow. In the beginning, I only practiced drawing by copying internet pictures, then I had the courage to draw the pictures we took on several trips. It is hard to say that I paint beautifully, but I feel satisfied with my efforts.

After that, I was continuously encouraged by my partner to practice drawing. She gave me a beautiful wooden watercolor box because knowing that the vanity of the box would motivate my inner motivation. Then one day, she invited me to join the intuition drawing class at mini.Minh. It sounded interesting! I eagerly wore … a nice dress to attend class and this was probably what I had been looking for during my over two decades of life. As everyone knows, “intuition is a process that allows us to understand and know things directly without reasoning, analyzing or bridging between the conscious and the subconscious parts of the mind, or between instinct and reason. It’s often called “knowing by intuition”, referring to acting by the call of your inner part, finding and feeling that something is unreasonable without reason”. (*) Then intuition drawing means using intuition to draw. We can let our hands and brushes move across the paper with no effort. The only thing to do in the drawing process is to relax. At the end of the class, Ms. M. the instructor looked at my drawing and asked: “Do you draw a lot? Try drawing more! I think you should discover much more interesting things about yourself. Your painting is very similar to the abstract style of some Westerners!”. For me, that is a huge encouragement. We can let our hands and brush strokes move across the paper with no effort. The only thing to do in the drawing process is to relax. At the end of class, Ms. M. the instructor looked at her drawing and asked: “Do you draw a lot? Try drawing more! I think you have also discovered many more interesting things about yourself. Her painting is very similar to the abstract style of some Westerners! ”. For me, that is a huge encouragement.

At the end of 2020, I was destined to attend the class “Touch and See” organized by Ms. Nhien, in collaboration with Cai To Nho. The class had various activities. There I experience the touches, the movements of the body to find empathy. During the previous year I practiced dancing in Mistake Dance, so I also experienced some forms of releasing energy and emotions through body movements and music. Unlike previous dance exercises, “Touch and See” allowed the body to move the way it wanted. At home, I often like to close my eyes and move my body to the sound, maybe the music, maybe just the sound of running water; or at the pool or the beach, I also like to move my body freely in the water.

Bringing the spirit of intuitive art to my familiar work – writing, I feel the similarity: my words often overflow like the color streaks on my pictures. Digging deeper, I realized that there is a writing style called intuitive writing. It turns out that for a long time, I have been writing this way without knowing how to name it – write from an endless source of inspiration from anywhere, write without an outline or arrangement in advance about what I’m going to write. It sounds a bit strange compared to the way we were taught in school, right? But I know many people write this way just like me. Recently, I opened intuitive writing to help people grow their intuitiveness through words by removing traditional writing skills, applying many intuitive development methods to bring yourself back to number 0, and starting writing again as a child. It’s to listen to your own inner voice and to find your answers to your matters in life.

Soon, I will attend an improv class which is hosted by Ms. Van Possible. This is a type of drama with no pre-script and all we need to do is listen to ourselves, allow ourselves to react the way we want to our co-stars. It’s a bit like the show “Thank God you are here”, but in the improvised play, the script will be built by everyone, not the one who wrote the script. I also put this improv class on my list of courses that help improve my intuition. When the course is over, I will tell it more carefully. If you want to learn more, check here.

How does intuition development change you? Now, I can draw pictures, dance, write, act the way I want without being tied to the right and wrong framework. As John Stuart Mill once wrote: “Human knowledge, in principle, is never complete, and can always be false; that there is no one obviously truth; that every person, every nation, every civilization can follow its own path – without having to be in tune with the paths of others – to reach its own goal; People change and the truths they believe in also change, because of their experiences and actions. An alleged false opinion may contain part of the truth; for there is no absolute truth, but there are different paths to the truth; protesting false things, you can protest the right in it.” (**) Now, I know how to listen and believe in myself better. And only when we know how to listen and believe in ourselves can we think and act freely, comfortably, confidently, without hesitation.

At the beginning of the new year, if you have not had any plans yet, you can try the intuitive thinking development experience with the activities I mentioned above to welcome a very different you!

(*) According to Wikipedia

(**) Excerpt from “Talking about Freedom”, John Stuart Mill

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