A temporary life


In the afternoon, when I finished my work, I bought some flowers home. This year, my husband and I celebrated Tet apart. My husband came back to his hometown some days before Tet, I stayed at HCMC to finish my job, planning to come there later, but the current situation was a bit complicated to move, so we decided to stay where we were.

Some people asked me why I had to decorate the house that way while there was only me at home? Oh, even when I am alone, the house still needs to be beautiful and full of inspiration, right? My personality is unique, since childhood, I have always been cherishing beauty. Maybe because I lived with my grandmother. She was a lady in the French colonial period, an aestheticist, who loved to beautify herself and her family. Her aesthetic eye affected me quite a lot.

When I was just married, I decided to spend half of my salary to rent a house of my choice, and I definitely did not choose a decent place to live. He gave no opinion, always respecting his wife. To him, we can always work things out together! At that time, the apartment was old, but the space was spacious and airy. The two of us took care of the apartment, and it was becoming more beautiful day by day.

Later, even though we have our land and a house, but until now, we still live in a rented house because the location is convenient for our daily work. When we moved to a new house, we continued to choose an empty house with only a big star fruit tree in the courtyard, and we had to fix everything from the floor to the wall and the furniture. We spent a lot of money on home repair, but we always feel safe when we go home.

From the moment we were born, each of us has a deep desire to belong to someone, somewhere, like a boat that always needs an anchor point after wandering days. We think that home is the place to belong.

I know some people always live a temporary life. There was a family of 4 living in a rickety room with a double mattress and a linen closet for more than ten years waiting to go abroad. A couple was living to the age of 60 in the ancestral house, they didn’t fix the ceiling or paint the door because of the thought that “it is not our house, it will be sold and the money will be shared after all”.

It’s not that they didn’t have the conditions, but they always thought that the place did not belong to them, so they still existed, but like a boat, floating on the sea.

I find that many of my friends are still afraid of rented houses, or feeling sorry for those who rent. In the past, I was often surprised with the thought of living in rented houses, because many people I met were very well-off and even they could spend a lot of money to rent a large and beautiful villa, while most of the other people around me don’t dare to spend much for all their lives, just in order to manage to buy a house.

But later on, when I moved out from my parents’ house, I thought differently. Home is wherever I live. So it’s no matter that you buy or rent, you should treat your house the same. The other day, I went to a financial talk session, and the speaker shared her own story that I found interesting: instead of buying a house to live in, why don’t you invest a lot of houses and choose a house to live in? Some families have to bear heavy debt for decades to own a home and every time they want to buy decoration stuff they like, they have to consider it over and over again. So what is the difference between that and renting a house?! Choosing happens based on the way of thinking.

As for us, we do not want to live a temporary life, so the place we choose to be our home will have to meet our personal needs in terms of living standards, aesthetics, expressing the personality or soul of the one living in that space, and will be a warm returning place for both of us. Whether it is a house we buy or a house we rent, it has to be truly HOME.

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